Gene and Tonic: The Decline of Pseudoscience, An Atheist for President, and What to Do with a Sexist Reviewer

The New Republic argued in a pice entitled, "The Decline of Pseudoscience," this week that now that the so called "natural" living industry has gone mainstream, "it's days are numbered."  Surely Oprah's dumping of Dr. Oz backs this up.   But other events this week show a different story.  Matt Herper at Forbes tracked down the makers of a brain enhancement supplement who were forging articles to promote their snake oil.  And have you read up on the new Republlican presidential candidates?  One of them, a neurosurgeon, says the human brain is "too complex for anyone but God."

And finally, as a follow-up to the scandal last week, we've come up with suggestions for handling a sexist reviewer.  

Join us for another episode of Gene and Tonic, our wrap on the week's news.