Genetic Testing in the Age of Trump: Hank Greely, Stanford

Hank Greely, Professor of Law, Professor of Genetics (by courtesy), Stanford

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0:00 Has Trump had much impact in our field?

4:52 Thoughts on the DTC boom?

12:40 Sema4 pushing into a grey zone

16:34 Were you a fan of the very short lived LDT draft guidance?

20:07 Allowing 100 flowers to bloom

23:39 Underestimating the science?

30:40 “Liking the bio hacker more than I should”

"In a world turned upside down, this is an area where I don’t think he’s had much effect. I don’t think he knows how to spell “DNA.”"

So begins Hank Greely in today’s interview on genetic testing in the age of Trump. Hank is a Professor of Law and, by courtesy, Professor of Genetics at Stanford.

The first order of business today is the boom in DTC testing. Hank is actually pretty cool with this, including the new DTC BRCA testing. He expresses some concern with Sema4’s recent newborn screening panel which he calls “quasi DTC." He is very happy with the current FDA director and thinks that the FDA is treating DTC the way they would have in the previous administration.

“There’s been an evolution, not a revolution."

So what’s turning Hank’s crank these days? Well, remember that article out in Tech Review a few weeks back about our genes predicting our intelligence? Hank is starting to wonder if the science really is that good. No. Really. He’s also feeling a bit chagrined about liking the bio hacker more than he should.

He’s funny. He’s thoughtful. And he’s on your speakers right now. Hank Greely for 36 min. Enjoy.


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