Geneticists Anonymous, the Sad State of Science Journalism, and New Kids on the Helix

Gene and Tonic: May 29, 2015

Did you hear?  The Age of Genomics has come to an end.  

According to science journalist, David Dobbs, after 110 years of studying genomics, we have come up with almost nothing to improve human health, or as Dobbs put it so elegantly, we ain't got  "diddly-squat."  

What will all of our geneticist friends do?  They don't want to be known as "diddlly-squaticists."

We've heard that some of the leading research universities are already rebranding.  The Stanford Genome Center will soon be known as the Go Put Your Head in the Sand Center.  And they're taking applications.

Some of those geneticists who are having a hard time facing the fact that they indulged in this field have organized at Geneticists Anonymous.  Join us in today's show to find out about how the 12 Steps might help you face yourself and conquer your addiction to this unproductive field of science.


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