Genomics in 2016: Nathan and Laura Name Their Top Stories


Laura Hercher, Genetic Counselor, Sarah Lawrence College

Nathan Pearson, Genomicist


Top Stories for 2016

0:00 Nathan: What ancient genomes tell us today

6:20 Laura: Pop genetics used for cover by white nationalists

Most Underreported Stories for 2016

14:12 Laura: Positive potential of CRISPR demonstrated

17:03 Nathan: Gene drive officially added to bioterrorism list

20:31 Looking ahead to 2017

From new CRISPR trials in humans to mitochondrial transfer therapy, from the spinout by Illumina of two new genomics health companies to the complete and utter failure of Theranos, from the approval by the FDA of GM mosquitos to the FDA giving up on LDT regulation as a result of the election, the genomics headlines of 2016 didn’t fail to dazzle, deliver, and disappoint.

Hear which stories our regular commentators, Laura Hercher and Nathan Pearson, chose as their top and also most underreported of the year in today’s look back on 2016.

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