Hallelujah! A Universal Flu Preventative and Therapy with Jeff Stein, Cidara

Jeff Stein, CEO of Cidara Therapeutics

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00:00 Targets all strains of flu

06:50 How does this work?

10:05 How is this different from Tamiflu?

13:46 What’s the timeline?

19:36 Other applications include HIV, RSV

As another summer winds down, another flu season approaches. Yuuuk. When will we be able to stop living in fear of that crowded plane flight in winter months or waking up congested and wondering . . . dreading, “am I coming down with a cold?”

Yes, we get that annual flu vaccine shot, but each year we still get the bug. Until now, a real universal flu vaccine has eluded drug makers, and having the flu goes on being just part of life. But it doesn't have to be.

Today we talk with a company who is close to not a universal flu vaccine, but what they call a universal preventative.

Jeff Stein is the CEO of Cidara Therapeutics. Their technology is an immuno therapy which not only prevents all flus, but is a therapy as well in case you've already caught a bug.

Finally! Who isn’t rooting for this company?!

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