A Home Run on the First Hit: PacBio’s Jonas Korlach

Jonas Korlach, CSO, Pacific Biosciences


0:00 With guidance from a professor and some lucky timing, a Ph D thesis turns into a major research tool

7:42 When did you first realize you could get near 100X coverage?

12:13 Without PacBio, what wouldn’t be happening today?

14:03 How much of the market is 10X Genomics taking?

20:22 To where from here?

Jonas Korlach is a natural storyteller—a rare trait in a scientist who is more comfortable presenting data than talking of himself. Jonas is the co-inventor of PacBio’s SMRT (single molecule, real time) sequencing, and we wanted to hear from him directly how it all got started, and also when the team realized that they had something big with long reads and close to 100X coverage. How many of us can boast of hitting it out of the park on our first try?

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