The Invention of Enzymatic DNA Synthesis with Sylvain Gariel, DNA Script

Sylvain Gariel, COO, DNA Script,

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0:00 What led you to the invention of enzymatic DNA synthesis?

6:06 Why all the creativity in this space now?

9:33 Throughput and turnaround time

13:32 Hurdles for adoption

19:23 What makes your big partnerships unique?

24:16 Market feedback

The DNA synthesis space is seeing some real creativity and disruption this past year. One newcomer, in particular, is shaking things up.

Sylvain Gariel is the co-founder and chief operating officer of DNA Script, who has recently launched the world’s first benchtop enzymatic DNA synthesizer. In today's show, Sylvain, co-inventor of the new system, tells how he met his co-inventors at a French gas company and came to invent a whole new way of writing DNA.

“We spent a ton of time at the bench doing genetic engineering. And we started thinking, we are incredibly good at reading DNA, but we are still very inefficient at writing DNA. And the dream became very logical and very simple. What if you had a benchtop system that would be just like an Illumina MiSeq that would do all of that DNA work for you. That’s the dream, right?”

And that’s what they did. Voila! DNA Script's SYNTAX. It’s a remarkable story of scientists having a dream and executing on it to improve a technology that had been stagnant for years.

Today we get into the details. What is the bench top workflow, the turnaround time, the throughput? What are the hurdles for the market which has become used to ordering their oligos from providers the past twenty years? What is the company hearing from their customers a few months into the launch?

Join us as we dive deeper into this new technology for writing DNA.