Invitae and PacBio CEOs Share Details of Clinical Sequencing Partnership

Sean George, CEO of Invitae

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Christian Henry, CEO of Pacific Biosciences

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0:00 An immediate shared vision

5:52 Sean, for which diagnostic applications are long reads important?

10:55 Christian, can you give us a preview of the clinical sequencing platform?

17:25 Sean, are you ready to do whole genomes? Yes, this will drive the market.

28:25 Sean, will this impact your business model?

31:25 Christian, how does the Omniome acquisition add to the equation?

39:20 Genomic medicine looking forward

In a joint interview, Sean George, CEO of diagnostics firm, Invitae, and Christian Henry, CEO of sequencing tools company, Pacific Biosciences, say that “it was clear in the first five minutes of a phone call that they shared a vision for doing something big together.”

What comes through the interview is that this partnership is built on a big vision: speeding up the adoption of whole genome sequencing into clinical medicine as the preferred method for genetic testing.

A press release at the beginning of the year announced their multi-year collaboration including the development of a production-scale sequencing platform to process clinical whole genomes at scale. In the release, Sean George said “the collaboration is aimed at developing the technology to make it affordable and accessible to all patients who can benefit from in-depth, full genome information.”

What we get today is an early preview of the new platform from Christian Henry and an exploration into Invitae’s view on clinical whole genome sequencing. Is the market there yet? Will it change Invitae’s business model? Where will long read sequencing be most valuable in diagnostics?

Mid-year, PacBio announced the acquisition of Omniome, a short read sequencing technology. How does that play into the deal?

Catch it all here today as we explore the future of genomic medicine.

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