It’s a Gold Rush in Single Cell Genomics, Says Joachim Schultze, U of Bonn

Joachim Schultze, Professor, University of Bonn, Germany, Director, PRECISE Platform for Single Cell Genomics and Epigenomics

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0:00 The Platform

10:30 How are single cell technologies impacting your science?

15:036 New therapeutic results

18:05 Epigenomics today?

20:49 Are we too invested in genomics in the US?

The title says it all here. Herr Professor Schultze directs a major facility that he calls a single cell genomics platform. They have most of the single cell technologies available and partner with labs from all over the world on research.

Advances in single cell technologies are changing basic research and also delivering results for translational work in everything from immunology to obesity.

“Biology will never be the same again,” says Joachim.

Dr. Schultze is also heavily involved in epigenomics. He says that despite the ups and downs in this field, it still holds some exciting promise.

Talking to a leading genomicist in Germany, we ask for an outsider's view on our American approach to genomics.


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