It’s Not Really Bulls and Bears: John Carroll on His New Gig, the Brexit, and a New Metaphor for the Market

John Carroll, Editor, Co-Founder, Endpoints


0:00 What is your goal with Endpoints?

7:50 Tracking BioTwitter’s most popular stories

10:42 Who is your audience?

14:44 Brexit a disaster

16:35 It’s not really bulls and bears

John Carroll has been the editor-in-chief at Fierce Biotech for thirteen years. Now he's moved to a new gig. Two weeks ago, he and a former colleague launched a new and independent life science media site, Endpoints.

In today’s interview, John says that he’s trying to do the impossible with Endpoints. He wants to turn the lights on and have an immediate audience. He thinks he can do it this time because he and his partner, Arsalan Arif, are bringing 35,000 social media followers with them. This gives them an instant audience and a new kind of leverage for building a new media site.

What is John hearing from drug developers about the Brexit? And what is the best metaphor for the market he’s ever come across?

Join us for a unique look at the landscape of life science media with one of the industry’s top journalists as he transitions to this new gig.

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