January 2019 Review with Nathan and Laura: Cloning, CRISPRing, DTC, and Paleogenomic Overreach


Laura Hercher, Host, The Beagle Has Landed

Nathan Pearson, Genomicist; Founder, Root Deep Insight


0:00 New Year hangover

5:00. Should twins be surprised to have different ancestry results?

13:57 Invitae’s move to DTC

19:33 Cloned, CRISPRed monkeys

26:21 First gene drive in mammals

30:05 Paleogenomic overreach?

Nathan and Laura are back for the first time this year for a wild trip past cloned CRISPRd monkeys and the first gene drive in mammals. (Just that?) But first we have to deal with our hangover from the end of last year.

We talk DTC and end with a discussion of the ancient DNA controversy.

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