January 2020 Review: Genetic Counselors vs ACMG, 23andMe Layoffs, Privacy


Laura Hercher, Host, The Beagle Has Landed

Nathan Pearson, Genomicist; Founder, Root Deep Insight


0:00 Genetic counselors unite!! Against . . . ACMG?

12:15 Sequencing: the end of innovation or the beginning?

26:!3 23andMe layoffs: a downturn in DTC?

38:17 Privacy: the 2020 DNA question?

23andMe lays off over 100 employees. Illumina comes to the JP Morgan empty-handed. Has Precision Medicine seen it’s heyday already? Or are we gearing up for another wave of innovation? Nathan and Laura are again ready for the tough questions of genomics.

We begin with the current spat between genetic counselors and the ACMG. Like, . . . huh?