Keith Robison and Shawn Baker on Illumina Buyout of PacBio

Guests: Keith Robison, Blogger, Omics Omics;
Shawn Baker, Chief Science Officer, AllSeq


0:00. What does this mean for the industry?

7:16. How can Illumina push PacBio technology forward?

10:35. How will the integration go? What if PacBio tech becomes dominant?

16:28 It's the end of the PacBio brand - what is the legacy of PacBio?

Just hours after Illumina announced their buyout of Pacific Biosciences, Theral sits down with longtime sequencing Omics Omics blogger, Keith Robison, and the Chief Science Officer at sequencing marketplace, AllSeq, Shawn Baker, to discuss the news which has taken the industry by surprise.

A special thanks to our sponsor, Sage Science, and the quick decision on this show.


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