Keith Robison on the State of Sequencing: 2020 Edition

Keith Robison, Principal Scientist at Ginkgo Bioworks, Blogger at Omics! Omics!

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0:00 How has the pandemic driven the technology?

7:45 The dramatic propulsion of sequencing-based diagnostics

16:45 10X and the rise of spatial genomics

26:05 Where is the next frontier of biology?

29:46 Is Oxford Nanopore still as cool?

33:53 PacBio with a strengthened hand this year

38:07 Who is Genapsys?

42:20 Is there room for a shakeup?

52:04 The future of clinical sequencing

We speak directly with the Oracle today. It's Keith Robison, blogger at Omics Omics. Your All Knowingness, we ask, what has happened in the world of sequencing technology this year?

“The companies may need a mulligan,” he quips and laughs.

But then, maybe, not. It turns out the great Pandemic has driven sequencing technology in its own way. There’s been an explosion of sequencing based diagnostics. That trend was already happening, but the pace was mightily booted along. And all of the technologies have been involved—some new entrants as well--used for their own strengths, to track the powerful virus and all its speeding variations.

We take the flagships one by one, from 10X to the small Genapsys, asking the Oracle in the end whether there is any more room for a shakeup in this mature space. We finish with an impressive story of clinical sequencing for rare disease diagnosis at a world record speed. Oh, Oracle, tell us the future.