A Liquid Biopsy Technology that Doesn't Degrade the Sample: Raj Krishnan of Biological Dynamics

Raj Krishnan, CEO of Biological Dynamics

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0:00 Catching the biomarker in its native state

4:41 What is your first approach to the clinic?

7:31 That eureka! moment

11:19 Native state biomarkers - the less processing the better

18:21 What do the critics say?

22:22 Alzheimer's: no point in detection

26:15 Liquid biopsies 2021

Raj Krishnan has a good story, and probably a good product. More data will tell. He's the CEO of Biological Dynamics, a new liquid biopsy company that is able to detect biomarkers in not only blood but other biological fluids. And the company's products are good for not only cancer but Alzheimer's and other disease areas as well.

Raj comes to precision medicine from electrical engineering. You don't hear that very often. One day in his lab while working on his PhD he had a classic eureka! moment. That unexpected discovery for which every scientist longs.

"The vast majority of methods for isolating biomarkers are either chemical or mechanical. Very few are electrical. And as an electrical engineer, I stumbled upon this methodology. At the time I was originally working on this, it was thought to be theoretically impossible. Late one night I came upon the answer."

The important thing about Biological Dynamics' technology, called ACE, is that it is able to draw the biomarker out of the sample without disturbing the biology. It is able to leave it in what Raj refers to as the "native state."

"Take a look at any Qiagen kit workflow or magnetic bead workflow and you can see 400 steps of which you have: destroy this, capture this, run this. How do you know fragmentation isn't being done by what you're doing to isolate the biomarker, as opposed to what it was in its native state?"

We have spatial biology. Should we call this native state biology?


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