March 2020 Review with Nathan & Laura: Corona Gets Personal, Where Are the Tests?, the VALID Act, Some non-Corona Science


Laura Hercher, Host, The Beagle Has Landed

Nathan Pearson, Genomicist; Founder, Root Deep Insight


0:00 Some personal stories

12:21 What is going on with testing?

29:27 Will virology be the new terrorism?

36:11 The VALID Act: Sweeping change to FDA diagnostics regulation

38:33 Some non-Corona science

Laura comes to us from her flat in New York, Nathan is stuck in San Diego, but they are here and ready to discuss what a month ago was a warning and now is a full blown world crisis. What have they faced personally? What are their thoughts on testing? And what are some of their early big picture reactions as to how this will all go down?

We make some time for some Corona-free science as well.