Meet Christian, Janos, and the New World of 3D Oncology

Christian Regenbrecht, CEO of Cellular Phenomics and Oncology based in Berlin, Germany

Janos Flosser, Technology Fund Manager, Copenhagen, Denmark

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00:00 Filling the gap between in vitro cell lines and in vivo physiology

06:47 Janos, how did you meet Christian?

12:31 Working across borders, healthcare systems

21:05 How many others are doing this?

25:01 What are the enabling technologies?

Today we engage in a rare discussion between a startup founder who is going beyond sequencing and working directly with cancer patient cells in 3D cultures and with one of his customers, the husband of a cancer patient.

Meet Christian Regenbrecht, the CEO of CPO or Cellular Phenomics and Oncology based in Berlin, Germany and Janos Flosser, a fund manager who invests in technology from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Today’s show is not only special for the fact that we have a researcher/entrepreneur sitting down directly with a patient for the interview, but also for a bold new approach to cancer genomics. Christian is not shy with his attitude about how we must shift our thinking toward oncology.

“Sequencing alone has proved remarkably unhelpful. And the belief that sequencing your DNA is going to extend your life is a cruel illusion,” says Christian at the outset of the interview.

So just what is Christian up to at CPO? How did Janos, a fund manager in another country, find Christian? And is this the new face of cancer treatment?