More Cancer Patients Die from Infections than Cancer, Says Alec Ford, CEO of Karius

Alec Ford, CEO of Karius

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0:00 2019 Nature paper shows how genomics impacts infectious disease

4:52 How is the Karius test improving life for patients?

10:33 Who are your customers?

14:58 A patient story

18:46 What impact the pandemic?

21:06 Goals this year?

25:42 Might this be a general screening test someday? Connecting to the microbiome

Alec Ford is passionate about his message. No wonder. There's an astounding fact in cancer medicine that is little known and could make a big difference. More cancer patients are dying from infections than they are from their cancers. And Alec's company has the technology to do something about it.

“We celebrate every new therapeutic advance. We celebrate every new diagnostic advance--and we should--every new advance for cancer. And yet the very number one thing that will take the lives of cancer patients in America in 2022 is infection. And quite frankly the world is pretty quiet about what we can do to move the needle. And yet it is the biggest needle there is," says Alec in today's show.

Alec is CEO of Karius, a company that can detect infections in the blood through a DNA-based liquid biopsy test. We featured the company four years ago when they had come out of stealth mode. Alec says today the company has a proven track record with clinical and analytical validation to back up the testing. They recently became the first metagenomic cell-free DNA testing company to be accredited by New York State. And the company has zeroed in on immunocompromised patients, particularly cancer patients as those they can help the most.