With More Tools in the Box, Lon Cardon Says We’re in a New Age of Drug Development

Lon Cardon, Chief Scientific Officer at BioMarin Pharmaceutical

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0:00 Why BioMarin?

7:17 How close to a gene therapy for hemophilia?

13:39 What’s the latest with the All of Us Research Program?

18:35 Which biology camp?

“I think the field has just really come to life over the last five or seven years. We’ve got all this sequence data. We’ve got the population data. We’ve got gene editing. I’ve been at this thirty plus years, and we haven’t had a culmination of technology and data like this before. I think everyone has to be excited in some way or other.”

Lon Cardon has lived through a few ups and downs in our field and remembers well the days when mention of his own area, statistical genetics, was the quickest way to kill a dinner conversation. The hype cycle has come full swing, and his days of pessimism have turned to full on optimism. Theral takes a couple stabs at it, but Lon’s giddiness is hard won.

Surely there are challenges, Theral argues. Have we become drunk on sequencing, as a recent guest commented? And what are the practical challenges Lon faces with big data? Aren’t there real hurdles?

We had some challenges of our own with Theral’s mic malfunctioning. But we're optimistic--the backup mic worked. We come in at around 23 1/2 minutes.

Presenting BioMarin’s new Chief Scientific Officer.


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