'The Movement:' John Cumbers Previews the Rapidly Growing SynBioBeta 2019

John Cumbers, Founder of SynBioBeta

Bio and Contact Info

00:00. Synbio, The Movement

06:12 New this year

12:35. BetaSpace, a conference for space settlement

16:09. DNA data storage: are we there yet?

20:31 Order your meatless burger from Burger King on DoorDash today!

28:31 What new tools are making it all possible?

31:42. What’s in a name?

35:27 The future of synbio: could anything mess it up?

Synthetic biology is experiencing a second renaissance and the place to be this October 1-3 is at the SynBioBeta conference in San Francisco.

For those of you who are going, today’s show is your preview. For those of you who need a nudge, just listen to what conference founder, John Cumbers, has conjured up in this biggest and most diverse lineup yet.

For the rest of you curious folk out there who have been hearing the term synthetic biology every time you turn around in the past year, WARNING: today’s interview has so much cool stuff, please do not listen while operating a motor vehicle or running on the treadmill. If you’re pipetting or running an experiment, stop, listen, and proceed later.

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