New Patient Focused Genome Magazine Signing up Many Doctors Too

Jeanette McCarthy, Editor, Genome Magazine


Listen (4:59) A new forum for patients to learn about precision medicine

Listen (3:33) Finding the right tone and level for a lay audience

Listen (5:56) Know your Genome Day

Listen (1:23) Popular with doctors too

Just as biomedical research is experiencing a surge of translation into clinical application, so too must the stories of this research and its impact in the lives of patients be translated to a larger audience.

Genome magazine is a new forum for patients to learn about the rapidly advancing field of precision medicine. Published by a two time breast cancer survivor, Susan McClure, Genome is sent out to an audience of more than 325,000 each quarter for free. With four editions published, the magazine has featured stories on a multitude of diverse topics around the core theme of genomics: prenatal diagnostics, cancer care, the microbiome, and many more.

Jeanette McCarthy is the editor of Genome and joins us today to talk about her vision for the publication. She describes the audience — the magazine is as popular with doctors as it is with patients — and her efforts to find the right tone for a wide audience.

"Our vision is really to bring patients into the conversation about precision medicine," she says.