Not a Stenographer to Power: Luke Timmerman and the New 'Timmerman Report'


Luke Timmerman, The Timmerman Report, Founder, Editor

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Just less than a year ago, the national biotech editor at Xconomy, Luke Timmerman, left his post. Yeah, he just left it. Gone was the regular Monday column that helped us all absorb the newest trends in biotech. Gone were the lists of companies to watch out for that made sense even if we weren't up to date on Luke's sports analogies. One day the columns were here, then they were gone. Luke said he was busy with a biography of Lee Hood, the guy who brought us automated DNA sequencing. But we all knew Luke just wanted to go climb more mountains.

This week Luke jumped back into the game with the new Timmerman Report, his own venture. Today he tells us what he’s up to with the new life science media site and why he just couldn’t resist the biotech beat.

Working in a dramatically changing media landscape, Luke favors "old school journalism". Using the tried and true subscription model, he says the new platform offers him ultimate editorial independence.

“If somebody doesn’t like what I write, I just lose a $99 subscription. There’s really not much more to consider than that," he says. "This is a journalist owned and journalist run company, and I’m going to run it according to my own editorial sensibilities."

We wish Luke much success and look forward to having his independent voice back on the biotech beat.