October 2018 Review with Nathan and Laura: ASHG Does Race, Parents Do Gene Therapy, Unsung Demons


Laura Hercher, Host, The Beagle Has Landed

Nathan Pearson, Genomicist; Founder, Root Deep Insight


0:00 ASHG and the race question

17:03 The age of “buy a cure"

28:54 The national genetic counselor bill

30:40 The unsung demons

As an election nears, the question of race and genetics has been front and center. It even prompted ASHG to take the unusual step of making a group wide statement. The three of us agree: scientists should talk more about the race question with non-scientists.

Two papers in Tech Review this month show that the world of people buying cures and disease prevention through gene editing isn’t around the corner, it’s here. Now what about those who can’t afford it? One of the papers was written by our very own Laura Hercher.

For the Halloween special, Nathan talks bugs, as in microbes, connecting many of this past month’s Nobel prizes in science to discoveries about bacteria—including the one in medicine.