Out of the Reductionist Trap: Brad Gray of NanoString on Spatial Biology

Brad Gray, CEO of NanoString

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0:00 Investing in 3D biology driven by scientific demand

7:35 Defining spatial biology today

10:36 The fruit tart analogy

16:10 Two years in, DSP launch outpacing nCounter

20:17 Who is the market for DSP?

25:46 How will spatial biology open up research?

One of the hottest new trends in biomedical research today is what is known as spatial biology--the ability to capture tissues in a 3D context. It was named Method of the Year by Nature Magazine in 2020.

And one of the first automated instruments launched in this market was the GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler by NanoString. CEO Brad Gray is here to tell us the story of the birth of the DSP and the revolution of 3D biology. What will these new tools enable for the basic and translational researcher?