Pouria Sanae on the DTC Slowdown and His New Precision Health Testing Platform

Pouria Sanae, Founder and CEO, ixlayer

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0:00 What brought you to precision medicine?

5:29 Is DTC slowing down? Why?

10:59 Integrating DTC with the clinical space

14:11 Not the same “buy in” in healthcare

19:18 "Our play is not a data play.”

“To be fully honest, I think some of these tests are scary tests. I’ve had the luxury of testing myself . . . some of this needs to have the physician and the genetic counselor involved.”

That’s Pouria Sanae, a newcomer to our field via Yahoo and Helix. He’s also a Swede which gives him a fresh perspective on American genomic culture. Last month Pouria and his co-founders launched ixlayer, a new platform that integrates many of the players in the genomic medicine space: DTC companies, clinical labs, and physician/providers.

Pouria’s big vision here is close to the familiar dream of bringing genotype and phenotype together that we’ve heard on this program before. Maybe this outsider will pull it off in a big way. His approach is bold and comprehensive. Obstacles he’s facing?

Health data is more sensitive than anything he's encountered before. And there is not the same “buy in” in the healthcare space that he saw in software.

But as he asks, “isn’t this something we need to do?”