Quantitative Pathology with David Rimm, Yale

David Rimm, Professor of Pathology at Yale

Bio and Contact Info


0:00 Why the counting?

8:38 Why spatial is so cool

13:38 RNA or protein?

15:37 How is this applicable in the clinic?

21:12 Excited to apply new tech to biospecimen science

David Rimm, Professor of Pathology at Yale, was doing spatial biology since before it was called that. He’s known for counting. And he’s been going beyond—beneath?--the model of the cell in biology for years.

Here’s how he explains it in today’s show. Precision medicine, ironically, is a world of black and white. Biomarkers are either present or not present. But David wants to know how much of the biomarker is present because that matters when giving a therapy. It’s that step that makes the new spatial biology tools very cool for him to work with, and that step that takes biology to the next level—and perhaps medicine over the next five or ten years.

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