Roche Sequencing Preparing a Full Workflow Liquid Biopsy Platform

John Palma, Senior Director of Medical Affairs, Roche Sequencing Solutions


0:00 What’s happening at Roche Sequencing?

7:56 Prenatal diagnostics advancing the liquid biopsy space

12:05 What will be the advantage of your platform?

18:30 Precision oncology an illusion?

Today's interview is with John Palma, Senior Director of Medical Affairs with Roche SequencingSolutions. John says that Roche is going for a best-in-class, full workflow liquid biopsy solution, from sample prep to final data reporting.

So what will be the competitive advantage to Roche's liquid biopsy platform? Which analytes are they focused on: circulating tumor cells, cell free DNA, exosomes? And will they go RUO or IVD?

The incredible growth of prenatal diagnostics has rapidly advanced liquid biopsy technology, says John. And Roche is already a major player in the prenatal space with their Harmony test.