The State of Genomics 2018 with Nathan, Laura, and Misha


Laura Hercher, Genetic Counselor; Faculty, Sarah Lawrence College

Nathan Pearson, Genomicist; Founder, Root Deep Insight

Misha Angrist, Associate Professor at Duke University; Editor in Chief of Genome Magazine


0:00 Misha: pessimistic about personal genomics

7:17 Laura: excited about therapeutic breakthroughs

11:02 Nathan: amid political dark times, scientific brightness

14:35 The Mayo skeptic

19:04 “A few ethical issues”

25:15 Academic medical centers vs DTC

29:15 Craziest genomics stories of 2017/2018?

Our first show of the year is an outlook on genomics for 2018. To do this we’re joined by our regular commentators, Nathan Pearson and Laura Hercher, and also by a special guest to mix things up a bit, Misha Angrist, Associate Professor at Duke University and Editor in Chief of Genome Magazine.

Misha wrote a seminal book on the rise of next gen sequencing and personal genomics (Here is Human Being: At the Dawn of Personal Genomics). After working at Knome, Ingenuity, and the New York Genome Center, Nathan recently founded his own company, Root, which works closely with tissue donor registries to give back DNA information to consumers for free. Laura is recognized as a leader in the field of genetic counseling, being a counselor herself and training many of today's working counselors.

Join us as we ask, where are we in genomics today?

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