SynBioBeta 2020 with John Cumbers

John Cumbers, Founder of SynBioBeta

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0:00 The synbio industry responds to the pandemic

6:39 SynBioBeta 2020: Food tech going gangbusters

13:02 Synthetic cannabinoids

19:15 A tool “that every grad school student dreams of”

23:19 A personal evolution on the PR issue

29:33 New lineup of segmented conferences: consumer, food and ag, biopharma, chemical & materials

Synthetic biology was surging like perhaps no other bio-based industry when the pandemic struck, and it has had some unique weapons in its arsenal for aiding in the fight against COVID. There are the leading vaccine makers such as Moderna using synthetic biology, as well as antibody technology and CRISPR based testing. But many of the surging trends from the last year have only been made more urgent this year: small molecules, food tech, synthetic materials.

Living with a pandemic is making humans more aware of our scientific dependence.

Today, it's our annual check in with the synthetic biology space—a review of the year and a preview of the leading conference for the industry, SynBioBeta 2020. There’s no one better to do that with than founder John Cumbers. SynBioBeta 2020 takes place this September 29-October 1. And because it’s virtual, you can attend from anywhere.