A Tool to Strengthen the Voice of Science in Online Journalism

Emmanuel Vincent, Researcher, University of California Merced's Center for Climate Communication & Founder of Climate Feedback


Listen 0:00 New web annotation tool for climate science news (5:11)

Listen 5:30 Can this work for bioscience? (4:01)

Listen 9:32 Do you regulate the comments? (2:44)

Listen 12:16 How does this scale? (4:06)

Listen 16:15 A scientific credibility rating (5:36)

Emmanuel Vincent is the founder of Climate Feedback, a project which includes a new tool for scientists to comment directly on climate science news. The tool is a plugin which can be downloaded for free and gives a viewer real time access to the feedback of scientists on a particular online article.  Though the project is just for news about climate science, Emmanuel says in today’s interview, that the project could scale for other science journalism as well. 

What would it take to get something like this up an running for biologists who want to keep journalists honest about such topics as GMOs and the latest in genome editing techniques? Would the model be a non-profit such as Wikipedia, or a company like Reddit? 

Join us in probing a new approach to improving not only science, but the delivery of science to a wider audience.