Is This A Unique Time for Science? We Ask Sci-fi Writer Kim Stanley Robinson


Kim Stanley Robinson, Sci-Fi Author

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0:00 The virus has rewritten our imaginations.

13:30 A new “structure of feeling”

27:30 To be anti-science today is just crazy

31:42 Scientism is a weakness of our culture

34:50 The shock of this spring might help us focus on the tragedy of the “time horizon.”

Has this pandemic presented a unique moment for science in our history? Or is it just a strange and temporary moment of science fiction? Or both?

Sci-fi author Kim Stanley Robinson (The Mars Trilogy, The Ministry of the Future) recently penned an essay in the New Yorker about how the virus has “changed our imaginations” and created a new “structure of feeling.”

Being a utopian sci-fi writer, Kim Stanley is in the business of looking for silver linings to major human tragic events such as the one we’re in. We wanted to have him on to see whether this event will cause a lasting change to the way people think about science.


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