Who Is John Ioannidis?

John Ioannidis, Professor, Stanford


Listen 0:00 Using science to look at science (8:57)

Listen 8:57 What has been the response to your paper? (3:54)

Listen 12:51 Who is John Ioannidis? (5:13)

Listen 18:04 Does the public trust science more now? (3:27)

Listen 21:31 Team science (4:00)

Listen 25:31 The story of Theranos and the need to train investors in science (5:47)

It’s now been over ten years since John Ioannidis published his now famous paper, Why Most Published Research Findings Are False.   What response has John seen from the scientific community? How has the paper changed his career and role in the scientific community? Join us for a look at science itself.

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