The World of DIY Genomics with K T Pickard

K Thomas Pickard, CEO at WITS(MD)


Listen 0:00 Why did you get your genome sequenced? (5:16)

Listen 5:17 Parallels with radiology (8:23)

Listen 13:40 What software did you use to analyze your genome? (3:35)

Listen 17:16 Autism and neurodiversity (8:44)

Listen 0:00 Genomics Coffee Group (2:16)

K Thomas Pickard is not at all into sports cars. So when he hit midlife crisis, it wasn’t a Porsche or a golf club membership that would reenergize his quiet moments. Nope. K T got his genome sequenced.

Introduced to genomics through a super computing company he worked at twenty-five years ago, K T went on to make a career for himself in medical imaging. Yet always in the background lurked a curiosity to know more about genomics. K T's inner geneticist found satisfaction in the past couple years. First he got his 23andMe data and then participated in Illumina’s Know Your Genome program, eventually doing trio sequencing on his wife, his daughter and himself. K T has written peer reviewed articles on his findings.

What was the process like for K T? For example, how did he get his genome analyzed once it was sequenced and what did he learn? How does K T compare genomics to the more established field of radiology where he had his day job?

K T’s genomics hobby has led to founding a non-profit to advocate for “neurodiversity” and the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of Genomics Coffee.

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