Special Series

Back to Basics: Improving Biospecimens - Sponsoredy by Quintiles and Fluidigm

The Open Secret about the HER2 Assay with Jim Vaught

Biosampling Basics with Scott Jewel, Van Andel Institute

The Daunting Task of Managing Biospecimens at the World's Largest CRO: Diane Farhi, Quintiles

Historic Consensus Reached on Biospecemen Standards: Carolyn Compton, NBDA


The Rise of Long Read Sequencing - Sponsored by Pacific Biosciences

Short Read Sequencing Not Up to the Task of Characterizing Transcriptome, Says Mike Snyder of Stanford

Major Sequencing Projects Should Be Done with Long Reads, Says Dan Geraghty

Eric Schadt on Long Read Sequencing and Clinical Genomics

After a Decade on the Sidelines, Gene Myers Back into Sequencing, Excited about Long Reads

The Progress of Clinical Genomics in Sweden with Ulf Gyllensten


Beyond the Oligo - 2014 - Sponsored by IDT

"Pre-Leukemic" Stem Cells with Liran Slush

Clinical Genomics Takes Hold in Iowa: Collen Campbell, IIHG

Window on the Life Science Industry with Trey Martin, IDT

George Church at 60

#ScienceHack with Connor Dickie


Regulation and Genomic Medicine 2014 - Sponsored by Myraqa

Cliff Reid on Regulation and Genomic Medicine

The Whiplash Culture of DTC Genomics with Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe

Rethinking Biomarker Development with Anna Barker

They're LDPs not LDTs Argues Elaine Lyon, ARUP

Applauiding FDA Action against 23andMe, Stanford's Hank Greely Calls for More Guidance on Genetic Testing


NGS 2014 - Sponsored by Biotix

Illumina Dominates NGS with Still Much Room for Improvement

A New Gold Standard for Accuracy in NGS with Mike Hunkapiller, PacBio

Dietrich Hauffe of Qiagen on Clinical NGS

Stefan Roever Talks the Future of Next Gen Sequencing

Sample Prep for Clinical Sequencing with Sami Amr, Partners Center


Philosophy of Science - Sponsored by Chempetitive Group

Anti-reductionism in Biology with John Dupre, Philosopher of Biology

Noam Chomsky on Language and the Study of Biology

Myths of Big Data with Sabina Leonelli, Philosopher of Information

Philosophy of Science Part IV with Nathan Pearson:  A Scientist Responds


Going the CoDx Way - Sponsored by Myraqa

Alan Mertz Sells Personalized Medicine on Capitol Hill

Toward a New Paradigm in Regulating Diagnostics: Liz Mansfield, FDA

Is the Dx Industry Ready to Quit this Vicious Cycle? Asks Oncologist

CoDx the Only Way forward for Big Pharma: John Palma, Roche Molecular


The Bioinformatician Bottleneck - Sponsored by Roswell Park Cancer Institute

How Much Bioinformatics for the New Biologist

Christophe Lambert Tackles the Bioinformatician Bottleneck

An Industrial Revolution of Digital Healthcare: Sultan Meghji

Training the Next Generation of Bioinformaticians: Russ Altman, Stanford


Commercializing Diagnostics - Summer 2013 - Sponsored by Myraqa

Inside the World of Prenatal Diagnostics: Charles Cantor, Sequenom

"Not about Owning Genes:" Diagnostics in the Wake of Gene Patent Ruling with Charles Mathews

Dietrich Stephan Hits the Refresh Button with SV Bio

Commercializing Diagnostics: Building Value in a New World with Mark Trusheim

Revaluing Diagnostics with Alan Wright, Roche Diagnostics


Single Cell Genomics - 2013 - Sponsored by Fluidigm

Putting the Bench Next to the Bedside: Laurence Cooper, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Alzheimer's a "National Emergency:" Larry Goldstein

Garry Nolan: Trailblazing Single Cell Analysis

A Great Time to Be in Biology: Steve Quake, Stanford

Democratizing Single Cell Genomics with Gajus Worthington, Fluidigm


Bioinformatics/Genomic Medicine - 2013 - Sponsored by Ingenuity

The ENCODE Project

     Debating ENCODE Part II: Ross Hardison, Penn St.

     Debating ENCODE: Dan Graur, Michael Eisen 

Bioinformatics 3.0: an App Economy with Matt Landry, Biomatters

Editor of Bio-IT World Shares Overview of Bioinformatics in 2013

Father/Scientist Finds Gene Responsible for Daughter's Unknown Syndrome: Hugh Rienhoff Talks Personal Genomics

Ingenuity Nabs Genome Scientist, Nathan Pearson

Looking at the Big Picture in Bioinformatics with Christophe Lambert, Golden Helix


NGS: What Next? 2013

2013 'State of NGS' with Shawn Baker, BlueSEQ

Nabsys Close to Product Launch: CEO, Barrett Bready

Have We Been Missing the Big Picture in NGS? Erik Holmlin, CEO, BioNano Genomics

SEQUENCING: Hunkapiller Chips Away at PacBio's 'Perception Issue'


Creating the Future 2013

Science and the "Great Delusion" with David Brin, Sci-Fi Author

Living in a Sci-Fi World: Author Kim Stanley Robinson

Traveling in Time One Minute Per Minute: David Orban, dotSUB

'Transhumanism 101' with Natasha Vita-More


Commercializing Diagnostics - Winter, 2012

Dx from the Payer's Perspective with Ira Klein, Aetna

Diagnostics and the Evolution of the FDA: Mya Thomae, Myraqa

A Biomarker Strategy for Every Drug: Walter Koch, Roche Molecular

Winning Diagnostic Reimbursement and the Story of CardioDx with Deborah Kilpatrick


Synthetic Biology 2012

Kickstarting Synbio with Antony Evans

John Cumbers, NASA Synthetic Biology Informs Space Exploration

Kevin Munnelly, CEO, Gen9 Disrupting Synthetic Biology


Next (and Next Next) Gen Sequencing - 2012

Paul Billings, Life Tech - Ion Sequencing

Hugh Martin, PacBio - RS Sequencer

Cliff Reid, Complete Genomics - Sequencing and Genomic Medicine

Stefan Roever, Genia - 'Last Gen' Gen Sequencing

Barrett Bready, NABsys - Positional Sequencing

Michael Heltzen, BluSEQ - Sequencing 2.0

Shawn Baker, Consultant - Sequencing: An Overview


Finding Meaning in the Data - 2012

Andreas Sundquist, DNAnexus - Google Invests in Bioinformatics

Doug Bassett, Ingenuity - Breathing Life into Complex Data

Frank Schacherer, BIOBASE - On the Front Lines

Sultan Meghji, Appistry - Bringing Cloud Computing to Bio

Atul Butte, Stanford - Asking the Right Questions


Innovation in Pharma - 2012

Bernard Munos, InnoThink Part 1 - Pharma Industry Edging Toward Irrelevance Part 2 - Open Source R & D

Kevin Lustig, Assay Depot - Opening Up Discovery

Corey Goodman, VenBio - Creative Investment

Barbara Handelin, BioPontis Alliance - Asset Based Drug Develoipment

Katherine Holland, IBM - Lessons for the Life Sciences

Barry Bunin, Collaborative Drug Discovery - Sharing Your Data

Chris Haskell, Bayer Healthcare - Innovation in Big Pharma


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