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39andRufus: Genetic Testing for Pets

Inside Edition reported this week on the availability of genetic testing for dogs.  But the tests mostly serve the purpose of upsetting owners who find out that their man's best friend isn’t the pure bred man's best friend they thought it was.    We did some research and found some genetic testing for dogs and other animals that had pet owners much more enthusiastic.


A Time Out for the Mice: Szczepan Baran

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Szczepan Baran, VMD, President, Veterinary Bioscience Institute Bio and Contact Info

Listen (6:23) A worldwide platform for improving lab animal welfare

Listen (2:40) A PR problem - it's not like the movies

Listen (5:23) A big change in thinking with a little education

Today’s show is about a topic which doesn’t receive much coverage, that of the issues around lab animals. Joining us is Szczepan Baran, president of the Veterinary Bioscience Institute, which provides education for lab animal science. He’s partnering in February with our friends over at BioConference Live for an online conference on the topic. As Szczepan says in the interview, the conference will be focused on the 3 R's: replacement (not using animals when possible), reduction (using less animals), and refinement (alternate, more humane procedures). The Institute is now engaging in a public PR offensive to change attitudes about using animals for research as well as offer custom training courses for those in the lab working with the animals.