Improving Your Brand: Gaetan Fraikin, Audacity

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Gaetan Fraikin, CEO, Audacity
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0:42 With more competition, branding helps differentiate life science companies

5:17 How do you get to first or second market position?

9:54 Secrets of brand 'Illumina'

12:30 Steps to improving your brand

17:16 As the industry goes toward consumer market, should their brands change?

The life science industry has grown up quickly around new science and innovative technologies. Breakthrough products command high dollars and propel companies to market dominance. So how important is branding to a life science company's overall marketing strategy? Do their scientific customers really care about the color of a website or style of a logo when the company delivers data and quality? Gaetan Fraikin, CEO of Audacity, says yes. As the life science market becomes more and more competitive, branding can be key to differentiation. Being number one or two in a market makes all the difference, says Fraikin in today's interview.

So how should a company go about improving their brand? When should they first think about it? Fraikin points to Illumina, whom he calls the "Apple" of their space, as an example of good branding. Find out what led to Illumina's brand success and how you might improve your market position through branding in today's show.