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$1,000 Genome No Good

There comes a time when powerful memes that have become widespread begin to lose their value. Is it that time for ‘The $1,000 Genome?’ Mark Boguski thinks so. At the first annual Clinical Genome Conference in San Francisco this week, Dr. Boguski from Harvard Medical School said that the term is actually fallacious. The price of sequencing has come down.

India's Rising Star in Bio-IT: Prahalad Achutharao

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Prahalad Achutharao, CEO Geschickten Biosciences Bio and Contact Info

Listen (4:51) How is the genomics revolution progressing in India?

Listen (2:51) Geschickten providing knowledge of knowledge

Listen (4:15) First to talk about cloud computing for life sciences

Listen (7:34) Leveraging big data experience outside of biology

Listen (4:01) IT has given India a great push as a nation

Listen (1:04) What should Americans know about India and the future?

Recently awarded the 2012 Indian Leadership Award for Industrial Development, Prahalad Achutharao is one of India's rising stars in IT. Particularly in bio-IT. The first to talk about cloud computing in the life sciences, Prahalad and his colleagues at Geschickten are leveraging deep experience handling big data for bioinformatics. We talk to Prahalad about what Geschickten brings to the table in NGS data storage, analysis and interpretation and also about the progress of the genomics revolution in India.

At the Center of the Bioinformatics Universe with Atul Butte

This podcast originally aired on April 3, 2012

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Atul Butte, MD,PhD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Medicine, and Computer Science, Stanford Bio and Contact Info

Listen (0:58) How did you get to the center of the bioinformatics universe?

Listen (2:06) 99% of our work is coming up with great questions

Listen (1:59) When will we have a new molecular based classification for disease?

Listen (2:54) What are you most passionate about?

Listen (3:45) iPOP - Integrated Personal Omics Profiling

Listen (2:07) Biggest challenge to clinical sequencing

Listen (1:57) Bioinformatician - the new hybrid

Listen (6:05) Thoughts on entrepreneurship

Listen (2:22) The dry researcher

Listen (3:32) Looking ahead

As part of our series, 'Finding Meaning in the Data,' we’re pleased to have Dr. Atul Butte to the program. He is Chief of the Division of Systems Medicine and Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Medicine, and Computer Science, at Stanford University and Lucile Packard Children's Hospital. The Butte Lab at Stanford has received a good amount of press as one of the leading labs worldwide focused on converting billions of molecular and clinical data into meaningful new insights into disease. Atul trained in Computer Science and received an MD at Brown University, worked as a software engineer at Apple and Microsoft, trained in Pediatrics at Children's Hospital Boston, then received his PhD in Health Sciences and Technology from Harvard Medical School and MIT. He’s the co-founder and scientific advisor to several start-ups, including NuMedii and Personalis.

On the Front Lines: Frank Schacherer, BIOBASE

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Frank Schacherer, CTO, BIOBASE Bio and Contact Info

Listen (4:12) Products and databases

Listen (1:32) Over 70 curators on staff

Listen (4:42) Why go to BIOBASE over public databases?

Listen (2:40) Customers don't have to be bioinformaticians

Listen (5:46) Example of clinical project

Listen (7:03) Where is the field at now?

Listen (3:40) A lot of human work involved

Listen (8:41) Lots of requests from clinics, but genomic medicine not routine

Listen (1:50) In school couldn't study informatics and biology at the same time

Frank Schacherer is the CTO of BIOBASE, a company headquartered near Hannover, Germany which provides a genomics data analysis service. Their product is built on a vast comprehensive database and super powerful algorithms. These are combined into a user interface for over 600 customers including pharma, clinical and academic researchers.

Breathing Life into Complex Data: Doug Bassett, Ingenuity

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Doug Bassett, CSO & CTO, Ingenuity Systems Bio and Contact Info

Listen (2:28) Breathing life into complex data

Listen (1:14) Where exactly is the bottleneck?

Listen (4:56) New products

Listen (4:33) Curating the Knowledge Base for 14 years

Listen (5:10) Working with clinical customers

Listen (3:17) Why come to Ingenuity?

Listen (6:12) Are arrays dead?

Listen (:48) Is there a preferred sequencing platform?

Listen (2:01) Personal path to Ingenuity

Listen (1:31) Looking ahead

Today we’re coming to you from Redwood City, CA at the office of Ingenuity Systems. Founded in 1998 by Stanford graduate students, Ingenuity Systems is taking on the challenge of next-generation knowledge management for the life sciences community. Today, Ingenuity's products are used by thousands of researchers at hundreds of leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic research institutions worldwide. Joining us to talk about the company and what they do is the CSO and CTO, Doug Bassett.

Sequencing and Genomic Medicine with Cliff Reid, Complete Genomics

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Cliff Reid, CEO, Complete Genomics Bio and Contact Info

Listen (2:20) Sequencing humans on both ends of life

Listen (4:08) Looking back at 2011

Listen (1:48) Business model validated

Listen (2:12) Partnership with DNAnexus

Listen (4:56) Standards too early a terrible thing for an industry

Listen (4:20) What happened with the stock?

Listen (6:26) Sequencing for the clinic

Listen (5:38) Path to $1000 genome

Listen (1:17) Plan in place to sequence millions of genomes

Listen (3:51) Personal path to DNA sequencing

Listen (7:05) Biggest challenge

Listen (2:08) Not a taker, but a maker of a revolution

Listen (1:00) Inspired by Churchill

Cliff Reid is the co-founder and CEO of Complete Genomics. The company sets itself apart by first, providing sequencing and data analysis as a service and second, by focusing exclusively on human DNA. Complete Genomics has announced several large scale partnerships this year, including one with Scripps Health for a “wellderly” study, looking at the DNA of healthy individuals with median age of 87 and with Inova Health systems to sequence the genomes of 500 babies and their parents. Cliff shares how he came to DNA sequencing and his thoughts on disruptive technologies. (Recorded Dec, 2011)

The Business of Translating the Genome: Burrill’s Personalized Medicine Conference 2011

If we’re still in the Wild West of genomics, Steve Burrill could be called one of the major ranchers. In a landscape new and still quite unknown, Burrill has tamed a large plot and established Burrill and Co. as a place newcomers to the area as well as the local population can come for advice, knowledge of the surroundings, and perhaps a deal. Burrill is comfortable in his frontier lifestyle.

Genomes on Facebook? Beyond Sequencing 2011

Who owns our genomic data? This question began a panel discussion titled “When People Share Their Genome on Facebook” at the second annual Beyond Sequencing conference in San Francisco Tuesday. The panel was led by Bio-IT World’s editor-in-chief, Kevin Davies, author of The $1,000 Genome. Another panelist, Dr. Pilar Ossorio, quickly deflected the question saying “it’s not a matter of ownership.” She posed another question, could a representation of one’s genomic data be copyrighted? According to Dr.

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