10 Genomics Questions for the Presidential Candidates has just released 20 science questions for the presidential contenders.  We thought we'd send in our own list of 10 genomics related questions.  Here they are:


1.  Will you get your genome sequenced, and 

   A.  Donald, will you show us what percentage of Neanderthal you have?

   B.  Hillary, will you show us the variants you keep on your private home server?


2.  If Obama could be cloned, should his clone be able to run for another term?


3.  Which of the following would make the best Moonshot:

Parody of a Thought Leader

Time for a bit of pre-holiday fun.

At Mendelspod, we say that we feature "thought leaders" from around the life science industry. But what is a thought leader?

David Brooks of the New York Times offers his version this morning, and I must pass it along. Superbly observed, full of delicous phrases.  A fine bit of comedy.