COVID genetics

May 2020 with Nathan and Laura: Vaccine News, Notre Dame Argument, COVID Genetic Targets

Happy summertime! We had positive news this month about an mRNA vaccine from Moderna. We also saw how during a pandemic, the process of science is especially abnormal. Nathan says let's be happy about the good news. Laura's ringing with alarm bells, sensing conflicts of interest right and left.

It's Nathan's alarm bells that go off when we consider an OpEd from the president of Notre Dame University making the argument for opening up in the fall--that science alone cannot provide the answer. Nathan says it's just self serving, tired, old science bashing from the religious. Theral defends the argument, and Laura comes down somewhere in between.

None disagree with the Lancet's lambasting of the Trump Administration, a rare piece by a scientific journal.

We finish up with some work by Nathan and his colleagues looking for genetic targets for COVID. Could there even be something for DTC testing related to COVID-19? Nathan also shares how the virus has gotten personal for him and reminds us that the numbers we see each day are persons, people's loved ones.

Take care everyone. Our review show is off for the summer break.