The Future of Big Biology: Bionano at AGBT

Mendelspod was live this week at AGBT 2021 where Theral interviewed CEO Erik Holmlin and CMO Alka Chaubey of Bionano Genomics on Tuesday. The topic was the future of big biology.

Bionano is having an incredible year. They've just come off a fundraise of $400 million, and their stock, though suffering a recent setback, is significantly up. Structural variation is the theme of the day. Whether it's long read sequencing, spatial biology or large genome mapping, biologists are interested in the "rest of the story." They want context. Short read sequencing has its limitations. Sequencing by synthesis destroys genomes.

Erik was on Mendelspod back in 2016 talking about structural variation, so why does it still feel so new, Theral asks.

Alka was last on the show as the lab director for the Greenwood Genetic Center. When asked why she came to Bionano, Alka says genome mapping is the dream instrument for a cytogenomicist.

Where do the two think big biology and the company are headed in the next few years? Enjoy a full hour with two leaders from one of our field's hottest instrument companies in 2021.