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Commercializing Research: U of I Research Park

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Laura Frerichs, Director, University of Illinois Research Park Bio and Contact Info

Yi Lu, PhD ,Professor, University of Illinois Bio and Contact Info

Listen (3:49) What is the process for turning research into a successful startup?

Listen (10:53) Advantages to using the U of I Research Park

Listen (2:45) Trend is toward commercializing more research

Listen (1:46) Are there conflicts of interest here?

Listen (5:59) Dr. Lu is the founder of two companies at U of I Research Park

Listen (3:32) Decision to start a company

Listen (7:18) Leveraging existing glycometers to look for biomarkers

Listen (4:37) Does commercialization detract from research?

Listen (4:52) Why he's excited about digital health

Recently we’ve had on several guests who have created start-ups from technology developed at Stanford University. Today we have two guests on the program to talk about commercializing technologies developed at universities.

Laura Frerichs is the Director of the Research Park and Incubation Facilities at the University of Illinois. Laura discusses the programs that the Research Park has put in place to assist young businesses.

Later we talk with Dr. Yi Lu, a professor at the University of Illinois and founder of two start-ups, one of which has graduated from the Incubator.

Consumers, Not Patients: Don Jones, Qualcomm Life

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Don Jones, Vice President, Global Strategy and Market Development Qualcomm Life Bio and Contact Info

Listen (3:14) Why talk to Qualcomm on a life science media site?

Listen (2:32) What apps most excite you?

Listen (2:33) Consumers rather than patients

Listen (5:07) Qualcomm employee programs

Listen (5:44) Wireless can help us change our habits

Listen (1:34) Qualcomm as investor

Listen (1:54) The FDA challenge

Listen (3:45) Personal journey to wireless health

Listen (4:28) How do you currently interact with your doctor?

Every time you make a call on your cell phone, you’re using technology from Qualcomm. Now the chip maker is getting involved in healthcare. Don Jones, VP of global strategy and market development in wireless health, at Qualcomm is on a mission to bring wireless technologies to health and life sciences markets.

Jones was a founding board member of the West Wireless Health Institute, with Eric Topol and Gary and Mary West. It’s the world’s first and foremost Institute focused on the clinical efficacy and economic efficiencies of wireless technologies in healthcare. He founded Wireless Life Sciences Alliance, a local trade group based in San Diego.

Don shares his vision for where health is going in a world where more people have cell phones than have access to clean drinking water.

Innovating in the New Austerity: Steve Burrill Discusses His Book

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Steve Burrill, CEO, Burrill and Co. Bio and Contact Info

Chapters (Move marker to advance)

0:58 Is there a connection between innovation and austerity?

8:58 Consequences of the world's aging population

13:57 Ramifications of upcoming Supreme Court decision on Affordable Care Act

17:41 Opportunities abroad

25:40 Challenges abroad

31:21 AliveCor and Digital Health

39:03 A biologic on track to be world's top selling drug

Today we’re at the offices of Burrill and Co with CEO, Steve Burrill. Steve hardly needs an introduction in our industry. He was an early pioneer of biotech and helped set up such companies as Genentech and Cetus. Each year Burrill and Co. publishes a book on the state of the industry. It’s a complete almanac of information from what’s going on in such places as Singapore and Brazil to the digital health boom happening right here at home. More importantly it’s not just information, but a comprehensive guide to the industry and full of insight. Steve is more comfortable talking about the future than anyone I know. Today he challenges us with the notion that innovation can come at a time of austerity, and downplays the ramifications of the upcoming Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act of 2010. Burrill also discusses a company he's recently invested in and whose board he chairs, AliveCor and makes his own projections of the rapidly growing industry of digital health.

Support by purchasing Steve's book, "Innovating in the New Austerity," here.

Watson and 21st Century Healthcare: Burrill's Digital Health 2012

Look for an upcoming series at on digital health with some of the companies listed below.

Last year a super computer won the TV game show Jeopardy. Is IBM’s Watson going to conquer the world of healthcare as well?

Yesterday was opening day at Burrill and Co’s Digital Health Conference, one of two conferences in the Bay Area this week presenting a window into the future of medicine. (The other, FutureMed, is a weeklong program taking place at Singularity University. Separate blog to follow.)

Innovate or Else: Healthtech: Next Generation 2011

If you ever have a chance to hear Guy Kawasaki, take it. Guy keyed off the first ever one-day HealthTech Next Generation 2011 conference Aug 12th in Burlingame, CA. We usually cover life science conferences, but this one, which brought together leaders of the healthcare and IT industries, seemed too cool to miss. The organizers did a great job making the conference more lively and fun with Kawasaki leading out and a magician act during lunch, as well as bringing together experts to venture into the future.