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Digital Marketing with Michael Yared, Chempetitive Group

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Michael Yared, Director of Digital Strategy, Chempetitive, Bio and Contact Info

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Listen (3:52) What Is Digital Marketing? (Begins at 0:59)

Listen (6:56) Using LinkedIn More (Begins at 4:53)

Listen (6:31) Search Marketing and How to "Google-Proof" Your Business (Begins at 11:48)

Listen (3:32) Three Important Things to Remember with Digital Strategy (Begins at 18:20)

Listen (1:11) Were You Always the Geek? (Begins at 21:52)

Today we're in San Diego at the offices of Chempetitive Group, a marketing agency devoted to the life science industry. We're joined by Michael Yared, Director of Digital Strategy to talk about digital marketing. Michael relates the trends he sees and offers suggestions such as using a dashboard to keep track of ad statistics and how to "Google-proof" your business. In the end he offers three important things to keep in mind for your digital strategy.