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Barry Bunin, CEO, Collaborative Drug Discovery

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Barry Bunin, PhD, CEO, Collaborative Drug Discovery Bio and Contact Info

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0:53 Multiple brains work better than one.

7:15 The perfect platform for the NIH?

11:47 Customer examples

15:07 Is there an intrinsic conflict between collaboration and security?

20:21 What's your vision for your site?

23:47 Has the platform evolved?

27:21 Working with Jonathan Ellman

29:16 Choosing chemistry over Eastern religion

32:58 BONUS

Thought leaders of the pharma industry are more and more embracing open collaboration as a major solution to the present industry crisis. Barry Bunin is here to talk about his company, Collaborative Drug Discovery, a platform to help companies share their data. Barry says that the company offers the whole continuum of privacy options and says the site has eight layers of security. Will it be a site like this which enables pharma to share and speeds up solutions for disease? Barry also shares some of his personal story and why he chose chemistry over Eastern religion.

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