drug repurposing

Drug Repositioning: Joel Dudley of NuMedii

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Guest: Joel Dudley, Ph D, Co-founder, NuMedii Bio and Contact Info

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1:12 - What is drug repositioning?

4:51 - A few guys and a computer can be a pharma company

8:00 - Model of service

13:25- First company set up to do this

20:25- Spin-off from Stanford

27:24- Personal journey to Silicon Valley

33:24- 'Open science'

40:04- Exploring Personal Genomics

41:54- How far can computers take us?

Joel Dudley is a co-founder of NuMedii, a spin-off from Atul Butte's lab at Stanford. The new bioinformatics company has developed proprietary software to find new uses for existing or retired drugs. The company accesses a great amount of public and private data on both drug compounds and disease targets to come up with a Network of Efficacy.

Joel is from a small town in Wisconsin. He talks about his journey to Silicon Valley.

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