Green is Good for Business


Jim Happ, President, Labcon Bio and Contact Info

Part 1: Going green and adding to the bottom line. Listen (21:37)

Part 2: What is sustainable development? Listen (19:03)

Part 3: A "green" culture is good for morale. Listen (07:16)

“I have made a visit to Paradise - the fairest land in all the world. Nothing in all California was comparable; everything was readymade for civilization . . . a land of pure enchantment.” This was written by Ensign Mariano Vallejo, describing the Petaluma Valley in 1834. Civilization certainly came to northern California and for years a life science company in Petaluma has been doing their part to keep it “a land of pure enchantment.” Titled “Green is Good for Business,” our show takes us to Labcon North America, a lab consumables manufacturer who is not only working to develop earth friendly products but is financially more successful doing it. CEO Jim Happ talks with us about the payback for using alternate energy sources. Labcon is saving $700,000/yr in electrical power, redesigning parts to use 30% less plastic, and pioneering a new biodegradable plastic. Importantly, Jim’s employees have bought in to the vision which has spread up and down the supply chain creating a sense of community and a thriving business culture.

In 1996 Labcon received the trademark Earth Friendly. In 2010 Labcon received a best practices award by the Business Environmental Alliance.