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Former Biogen Chemist Goes Rogue on Malaria, Other Tropical Diseases

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Marco A. Biamonte, CEO, Drug Discovery for Tropical Diseases Bio and Contact Info

Every once in a while a story comes along that sounds too good to be true. You do a double take and ask, did I hear that right? Marco Biamonte is from the French speaking area of Switzerland. In his early 20’s he traveled around the world, particularly the third world, as many youngsters do. There he encountered poverty and disease which startled him. And which he has never forgotten. Twenty years later, after a career as a chemist at Biogen Idec, Biamonte is returning to the compassion he found in his youth that came as a result of exposure to those less fortunate. Now, after years in the pharma industry, he feels empowered and equipped to do something to relieve the suffering of so many.

Marco is the founder of Drug Discovery for Tropical Diseases, a non profit based in San Diego that is striking out against diseases associated with poverty. And their first project is to develop a better medication for malaria. What about the work of the Gates Foundation in this area, or other non profits, I ask Biamonte, and where did he find the confidence to strike out on his own in such an undertaking? How is the organization funded, and how will the enterprise fare in a profit driven industry? Listen to the answers in Marco's own words.

Genomics Around the World with Chris Barbazette, Affymetrix

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1:08 Population specific genomics

7:03 Personalized medicine and diagnostics abroad

16:15 Agbio

20:02 Are arrays still more widespread than sequencing worldwide?

27:11 What's the most obscure place where you've promoted arrays?

31:00 Personal path to international markets

34:57 Worst airport story ever

Chris Barbazette is Affymetrix's VP for International Markets. He travels the equivalent of the distance around the globe each month. He joins us to talk about what's going on in genomics in such places as Saudi Arabia and China. Are arrays still the most important genomic technology abroad? Where's the most obscure place he's been for work? These are some of the questions we ask in this fun overview.

Innovating in the New Austerity: Steve Burrill Discusses His Book

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Steve Burrill, CEO, Burrill and Co. Bio and Contact Info

Chapters (Move marker to advance)

0:58 Is there a connection between innovation and austerity?

8:58 Consequences of the world's aging population

13:57 Ramifications of upcoming Supreme Court decision on Affordable Care Act

17:41 Opportunities abroad

25:40 Challenges abroad

31:21 AliveCor and Digital Health

39:03 A biologic on track to be world's top selling drug

Today we’re at the offices of Burrill and Co with CEO, Steve Burrill. Steve hardly needs an introduction in our industry. He was an early pioneer of biotech and helped set up such companies as Genentech and Cetus. Each year Burrill and Co. publishes a book on the state of the industry. It’s a complete almanac of information from what’s going on in such places as Singapore and Brazil to the digital health boom happening right here at home. More importantly it’s not just information, but a comprehensive guide to the industry and full of insight. Steve is more comfortable talking about the future than anyone I know. Today he challenges us with the notion that innovation can come at a time of austerity, and downplays the ramifications of the upcoming Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act of 2010. Burrill also discusses a company he's recently invested in and whose board he chairs, AliveCor and makes his own projections of the rapidly growing industry of digital health.

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China Fast Becoming No. 1 Market for Pharma with Greg Scott

This podcast was originally aired on October 27th, 2011

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Greg Scott, Founder and President of ChinaBio(R) LLC, Bio and Contact Info

About ChinaBio Listen (9:53) About ChinaBio

Executive retreat 1st of its kind Listen (10:00) Executive retreat 1st of its kind

China becoming no.1 market for pharma Listen (4:11) China becoming no.1 market for pharma

Innovation Listen (9:25) Innovation

Will China soon have a Steve Jobs Listen (6:20) Will China soon have a Steve Jobs?

What is the opportunity for American businesses Listen (3:34) What is the opportunity for American businesses?

Life in China for the American Listen (7:46) Life in China for the American

China doesn't need our help, we need their help Listen (1:42) China doesn't need our help, we need theirs

In 2007, biotech angel investor Greg Scott started ChinaBio to connect China’s life science community with the world, which has helped large, multinational companies such as Pfizer, Roche and Life Technologies, and smaller domestic Chinese companies achieve success in China. ChinaBio has organized 20 conferences, and has generated $400M in funding.   Greg puts out a widely read newsletter on China’s life science industry, ChinaBio® Today. 

Taking Pharmacogenomics to the Rest of the World: Howard McLeod

This podcast was originally aired on Sept. 14th, 2011

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Dr. Howard McLeod, Director, PGENI, Bio and Contact Info

PGENI - Pharmacogenomics for Every Nation Initiative Listen (8:13) PGENI - Pharmacogenomics for Every Nation Initiative

Piggybacking on HIV education around the world Listen (2:27) Piggybacking on HIV education

Eight active centers around the world Listen (7:56) Eight active centers around the world

Examples of pharmacogenomics Listen (5:25) Examples of pharmacogenomics

FDA coming aboard Listen (3:25) FDA coming aboard

PGI at UNC: an interdisciplinary approach Listen (2:03) PGI at UNC: an interdisciplinary approach

The promise of lowering healthcare costs Listen (3:44) The promise of lowering healthcare costs

Other ways to use the genome Listen (3:44) Other ways to use the genome

Our guest today is Dr. Howard McLeod, an internationally recognized expert in pharmacogenomics. He’s the director for the UNC Institute for Pharmacogenomics and Individualized Therapy. He’s a member of the FDA’s subcommittee on Clinical Pharmacology, and is the director of the new PGENI, or Pharmacogenomics for Every Nation Initiative. Howard feels he has reached the highest career positions possible and now works to move along the field of pharmacogenomics in the best way possible.

Adding Glamour to Science: Around the World with the Diva of Biotech

In every age and culture, the world has had its divas, and it turns out life science is not without its own. The Romans obsessed over Cleopatra. In the last century there was Liz Taylor, playing the exotic queen of Egypt on the silver screen. Today Beyonce struts the role. And the life sciences? Enter Ms. Ruby Gadelrab, Head of Marketing and Clinical Development, International Markets for a leading Bay Area genomics company.