"When I'm 164": a Chat with Journalist David Ewing Duncan


David Ewing Duncan, Journalist, Author Bio and Contact Info

Listen (5:36) The survey

Listen (3:24) What life science technology most excites you?

Listen (2:53) Maximum vs average life expectancy

Listen (4:11) The limitations of science

Listen (9:33) Being a journalist today

Listen (4:53) Science and politics today

Listen (2:58) David, how old do you want to live to be?

How old do you want to live to be? Seriously. Author and life science journalist, David Ewing Duncan, has asked over 30,000 this question. 60% have answered they wish only to live the average 80 years. 30% shoot for the 120 year mark. 10% think big at 150 years. And about 1% go for the biggie, immortality. Did the scientific audiences Duncan asked have different numbers than the lay audience? David explains the numbers in this interview which is not only about his new e-book, "When I'm 164: The New Science of Radical Life Extension, and What Happens if It Succeeds," but also about life as a journalist in today's world.

It's Settled: We have a Candidate for First Mayor of Mars

Let me share a bit of my past. There’s some fine irony here to enjoy.

I grew up fundamentalist Mormon. Mormons believe that we are practicing to be gods ourselves. Fundamentalist Mormons believe that Adam is God. That God himself came to earth to start the whole human race. And so too, (“and so too” is a nice Mormon phrase) we may become Gods ourselves. And then go build our own planets. And people them too. (That's right, the presidency is really just a stepping stone for Mitt Romney. He'll have more wives and many more kids when he gets his own planet someday.)

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