gene synthesis

Converting Digital to Biological: John Gill, Telesis Bio

Remember all those firsts for synthetic biology that we heard about coming from Craig Venter’s company, Synthetic Genomics in San Diego? The first genome of a whole organism transplanted. First genome synthesized. First synthetic life created.

A company was born to commercialize the technology from all that science, Codex DNA, which renamed itself Telesis Bio last year. Their product, called the BioXP, is a benchtop gene printer that uses enzymatic synthesis. Their competitive edge is the quality they offer—their genes have a higher accuracy rate. John Gill, Senior Director of Research and Innovation at Telesis Bio, joins us to talk about the company's vision and how they fit in what has become a dynamic marketplace for DNA.

Why does the improvement in quality mean so much in this field? How does this benchtop synthesizer differ from the other options in DNA and gene synthesis? And what applications can we look forward to as synthetic biology begins to change our world?