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A Grand Awakening: Bill Frezza, Columnist


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Listen (5:15) Speaking as an outsider

Listen (7:53) Life science needs a grand awakening

Listen (4:13) Physics and math eventually takes over everything

Listen (2:16) What do you say to detractors?

Listen (11:24) PI's and their indentured servants

Bill Frezza is a Boston-based venture capitalist and a regular columnist at Bio-IT World, Forbes, and Real Clear Markets. Calling himself an outsider to the life sciences, Bill penned a column some weeks back "How to Save the Life Sciences from Technological Torpor." I ask him what he means and this leads to a discussion of what he calls a broken industry in need of some math and physics. Bill is not shy with his opinion, so we plan to have him back soon.

How to Rescue the Life Sciences from Technological Torpor

Having spent my career in two fields grounded in the physical sciences that made better, faster, cheaper a core driving principle—telecommunications and semiconductors—it’s hard not to cast a jaundiced eye at the sorry state of the pharmaceutical industry. To paraphrase the immortal Dean Wormer in Animal House, ineffective, slower, and more expensive is no way to go through life!