Best of mendelspod - Highlights 2011

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Listen (3:50) Steve Burill: New Model for Big Pharma

Listen (7:06) Dan Vorhaus: The Myriad Case

Listen (3:36) Russ Altman: Personal Genomics and Patent Law

Listen (3:43) Mike Snyder: Million Dollar Interpretation

Listen (2:50) Howard McLeod: PGENI

Listen (2:08) Jonathan Eisen: Why Open Science?

Listen (3:12) George Church: Scientists and the Public

Listen (4:25) Ron Davis: Fit Between University and Industry

Listen (3:01) Greg Scott-Will China Soon Have a Steve Jobs?

As we approach the last day of 2011, we thought we’d look back and bring you highlights of the year, the very best of mendelspod. Included in today’s show are snippets from industry leaders on personalized medicine, the evolution of big pharma, gene patents, and thoughts on open science.

NOTE: It’s important to acknowledge that mendelspod has been made possible through the generous support of our sponsors throughout the year. We thank all of them for their partnership. We wish them and all of you a very happy holiday.